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jesus christ

нашел интересную мысль:

"Here the teaching, "that Christ entrusted into the ears of his disciples:" [Follows John VI, 47-55, from that: "He who eats of my flesh, and drinks of my blood, has eternal life."] 
"How does a man give of his flesh to eat and of his blood to drink without cutting himself or rending his limbs, without injuring himself, without damaging the integrity of his body? We have no choice. We are obliged to take that which science furnished us with: the procreative semen is a comestible material, semi-solid, semi-liquid, which therefore can be eaten or drunk; it is at once flesh and blood [...] it is always the same act repeated with the same words, and the same effects, which still brings to life among us, in thousands of different places, the figure of the founder of Christianity."

т.е. в библейском "Тот кто отведает моей плоти и выпьет моей крови обретет жизнь вечную" (сорри, не знаю, как это официально звучит на русском, потому перевод вольный) Христос на тайной вечере предлагает отведать спермы, одновременно и крови и плоти (и без разрушительных последствий ;)).

взято из

мысль, конечно, сомнительная, но интересная ;)
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